Homemade Energy/Protein Bars

{jcomments on}Energy bars and protein bars can make good snacks or mini meals. I eat them occasionally because the are very convenient and can have a good mix of carbohydrates and protein. But it can be difficult to find an energy or protein bar that has healthy and natural ingredients and does not contain lots of added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

A few months ago I wrote a series of blog posts on label reading. In one post titled, ‘Label Reading: Part 4’ (click the link), I listed some guidelines on what to look for in a healthy energy bar as well as some good options.
Similarly, Emily wrote an informative blog post a few years ago titled, ‘Homemade Energy Bars or Granola Bars,’ in which she discussed healthier energy bar options. In this post, she provided several links for homemade energy and granola bars.
I recently came across a few recipes for healthy homemade energy/protein bars that I thought I would share. I like these recipes because they use more healthy, natural ingredients. There are no added sugars apart from the sugars found in fruits and nuts. And both are good sources of fiber, using whole grains and/or fruits. Below you will find links to two different bars:
  • This recipe has a higher protein content as it uses both natural nut butter and protein powder.
  • This recipe is similar to a Larabar. It has two simple ingredients: dates and nuts.
Energy bars, particularly more natural types, can be expensive. By making your own, you can control what ingredients are used and cut down on the costs considerably. So if you enjoy eating energy or protein bars and you have the time to make your own, give these a try and see what you think.
Rachel Andrew, MPH, RD, CD