Help “Healthify” the Nation!

I’m calling on all of you to help with a project!

We all have those famous dishes that our city or state are known for…you know, the ones rich and tasty and probably not the best for us health-wise. For example, when traveling to New York or Chicago it’s hard not to get in on the deep dish vs. NY style pizza debate. Or when traveling to Georgia, a typical Southern dish is a must-do on the itinerary.
I became a Dietitian so that I could help others eat healthfully, but not feel they are constantly at the mercy of what goes in their mouth. So, I would like to ask you to comment with your city and state and the most popular dish. We will then attempt to “Healthify” the meal so you may continue to enjoy it with less calories, fat, sodium and guilt! Also, don’t be afraid to give us ideas on how you may change it up to make it more figure friendly 🙂
Speaking of substitutions to make a recipe healthier, see a post HERE from Emily back in 2007 on some good stand-ins for some popular cooking and baking ingredients.
I look forward to the challenge!
Krista Haynes, R.D.