Healthy Hostessing

Today I got to talking to some of the guests at the resort about how the holiday season is well on it’s way just around the corner and what does that mean? It’s holiday party central! How does one manage to host an appetizing party yet still have time to socialize and not have to worry about going overboard with calories? Here are some low maintenance appetizer, main course, dessert and beverage ideas to hopefully keep the stress level and calorie count down. Happy hostessing!


*Fruit Kabobs with greek yogurt dip (low fat greek yogurt mixed with Crystal Light Pure/cinnamon/cocoa/honey/vanilla)

*Veggie Platter with hummus/greek yogurt, dill & chives/Laughing Cow


*Endive Leaves filled with shrimp cocktail and spices of choice, served with citrus wedges and cocktail sauce

*Zucchini Cheese Bites (Zucchini wedges with slice of tomato and Laughing Cow/ Cottage cheese and herbs)

*Eggplant Cheese Rolls (Wrap eggplant around low fat mozzarella, bell peppers, spinach and parsley)

Main Course:
*Foil Pouch Cooking (30 minutes or less!) Click here for whole blog post dedicated to foil pouch cooking!

*Multiple Tea Sandwiches with lean proteins and lots of vegetables
(Tuna mixed with dijon and olive oil mayo/turkey and sprouts/chicken breast with bell peppers/Canned crab with chopped onions and balsamic vinegar)

*Cold Whole Wheat Pasta Salad loaded with vegetables and lean protein – can make the day before then let sit in fridge until time to serve

*Corn tortilla stuffed with chicken, vegetables, low fat mozzarella or bean enchiladas (let cook for an hour) – dunk each corn tortilla in red enchilada sauce, minced garlic and salsa then fill with shredded chicken and veggies of choice!

*Crock pot cooking with turkey/chicken chili or stew – load with vegetables for more color and serve in hollowed out squash for a beautiful presentation!

Side Dishes:
*Mixed salads with butter lettuce/spring mix/spinach/arugula/berries
*Steamed vegetables and garlic

*Baked apples/pears
*Foil Pouch mixed fruit with honey drizzle
*Grilled pineapple/peaches
*Frozen banana cocoa mini smoothies

*Non-Alcoholic drinks like fresh lemonade with stevia, sparkling lime mineral water, Steaz sparkling teas
*Lots O’Fruit Sangria (click here for recipe)