Healthy Grilling

Summer is a great time for getting outside, talking and laughing with friends, and firing up the grill. Grilling can be a healthy and tasty way of cooking different foods. Rather than the typical hamburger or hot dog, why not try a variety of grilled fruits and vegetables or different types of lean proteins like fish, chicken and tofu.

I recently came across this article, which discusses how grilling can be a healthy, fun way to prepare and cook various foods. The article mentions one of my favorite foods to grill–sweetcorn in the husk. It’s as simple as soaking the corn in water for a short period of time, then placing on the grill for several minutes on each side. Once it’s cooked, remove from the grill, peel back the husk, and enjoy the fresh, crunchy kernels.
Grilled fruits and vegetables can make great side dishes, rather than the typical fries or coleslaw. Additionally, grilled kebabs are a good way of fitting in different colored fruits and vegetables. I came across this recipe for filet mignon and vegetable kebabs, but you could use chicken, shrimp or other types of protein in place of the beef if desired. Once you click on this link, if you scroll down, the nutritional information is provided.
If you are interested in more grilling recipes, check out this website. I like this site because the recipes use lots of good, fresh ingredients. The nutritional information for each recipe is provided as well.
Hope you enjoy your summer grilling!
Rachel Cope MPH, RC, CD