Hate during….Love after

We did the hike called Volcano today….it was a toughie. I haven’t done that hike in a while due to the colder/icy weather and was reminded of how tough it is. I love the sand stone, the up and down and the unbelievable 360 degree view of Snow Canyon and Pine Mountain. Carie (hiking guide) described it as a roller coaster in that you begin with an uphill portion and then it’s up and down after that – it’s a great description.

I tell you this because I was reminded about how the during part of a workout (even a workout that is a hike outside in sunny and 60 degree weather with unbelievably beautiful scenery) can really not be pleasant. Even I had thoughts of ‘how much further ’till the end’. I love watching the transformation of the guests from “I hate this and I hate you” (meaning me the hiking guide) to “I’m so happy I finished that! I didn’t think I was going to make it. And I burned 1200 calories!”. We were all so happy in the van on the way back to Fitness Ridge. It kind of binds us all together – that we made it through yet another day of hiking.

What a great feeling.