Happy Weight

So much YES!

healthy weight

This is something to keep in mind as you are seeking weight loss or are concerned about your weight.  If the weight you are trying to maintain, or the weight loss attempt, is requiring unhealthy restrictions, deprivation, malnutrition, emotional distress, food anxiety, food guilt, preoccupation with food/weight, etc…it’s NOT a healthy weight.  A healthy weight is one you can maintain when you are living the healthiest you can and/or want to.  YOU get to decide what that is, not an ideal body weight calculator or a BMI chart.  If your “healthy” lifestyle is making you crazy and miserable, it’s not healthy.


Instead, aim for a happy weight – one where you feel your best.  Because in reality, it’s the healthy behaviors that will most influence your health and well being, not your weight.  By taking the emphasis off weight, you will find you can feel well NOW.  While self-care behaviors may look different for everyone, here are a few common denominators.


1. Adequate sleep
2. Effective stress management – taking time outs, breaks, saying no, setting boundaries, etc.
3. Regular and consistent nutrition, emphasizing nutrient dense foods balanced with satisfying and pleasurable foods (Yes you get to eat treats!  No you do not need to count calories!)
4. Moving your body regularly in a way you enjoy


By taking the emphasis off weight, you are free to just be the best version of YOU.


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD