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Happy Holidays from the Kelsch Family!

We want to wish all of our Movara family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are grateful for our health, and relationships and the ability to improve on them every day.

The Movara Villas have kept Cameron busy this past year. They will be such a beautiful addition to the resort this coming year. He continues to be Michelle’s running partner 4-6 days a week and picks up the (often large) slack around the house, and juggling kids activities.

Michelle stays busy trying to balance laundry, feeding our family, cleaning up the house, attending many games, homework, and doing her best to teach and practice healthy habits. A large part of Michelle is embodied at Movara and it makes her happy when she gets to visit with guests every week.

Bryson (17) is a Junior at SCHS. He has worked in the Movara kitchen this past year and is currently working a few mornings a week at the front desk before school. He is playing basketball and baseball this year.

Brielle (15) is a sophomore at SCHS. Brielle is part of the housekeeping staff at Movara. She cheers for SCHS and continues to be a big help at home. Brielle started attending early morning spin classes with Michelle. She is so easy going, fun and appreciates her dad’s jokes.

Trey (13) has been dairy free for a year because of an allergic reaction that was life-threatening. He hasn’t slowed down because of it. He is either riding his dirt bike, at the mountain bike park, playing football, baseball, basketball or crashed in his bed from playing so hard. Bryson, Brielle and Trey are officially faster than their mom. Trey is in his 7th year of Chinese.

Kade (10) has the best hair in the family. He keeps up with his older brothers playing baseball, basketball and football. He attends the school choir before school and is learning Chinese.

Macie (9) is learning Chinese and sings in the school choir. She loves to invite friends over to play school. She and Jada love any chance to swim.

Jada (8) is also learning Chinese. She loves to ride bikes, jump on the trampoline and spend time with her older sister Macie.

We are so grateful for an incredible staff that makes it possible for us to spend time with our children. We feel very confident in their ability to provide the life-changing experience Movara truly is.

Hope to see you all in 2019!

With Love

Cameron and Michelle