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Happy, Healthy Halloween

Just when you think you’re on a roll with a consistent, healthy lifestyle, another holiday creeps up on you! This time of year it can be hard to stay on track when you have candy corn, peanut butter cups, and ghoulish gummies calling your name! The key to staying healthy is to be prepared. Here are a few tips on making it through the holiday healthfully.

At parties:
* Watch out for the punch. Usually, these are very high in sugar. A splash to your water can give you the feeling of a sweet treat without so much added sugar.
* Avoid alcoholic beverages or at least limit them to one drink. Most Halloween drinks are very high in sugar too. Plus, the more you drink the lower your inhibitions become with food as well.
* Bring your own treats. Create a Greek yogurt-based dip and have veggies or a whole grain bread/cracker as a dipper.
* Don’t go starving. You’ll be able to better control your snacking if you have a well-balanced meal first. Chances are, you have healthier food at home anyway!

Non-candy treats for kids:
If you want to try a different approach this year, instead of giving out candy, think outside the box. Try one of these options!
* Temporary tattoos
* Glow-in-the-dark necklaces
* Bouncy balls
* Halloween rings/jewelry
* Stickers
* Individual bags of pretzels or trail mix
* String cheese sticks
* Small protein bars like Larabar, Pure, or Kind

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy Halloween!