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Gym-free Workout

We all have those busy days when we simply didn’t make it to the gym. Life happens. But, not to worry, our trainers have this great Tabata workout that requires ZERO gym equipment. Just you and your body!


As many of you know, Tabata is a workout that involves different exercises every 10 seconds for a length 20 seconds done repeatedly (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). We recommend alternating between a strength and a cardio workout for each round.

* Here’s a tip: If you don’t have a timer, there is a Tabata App that you can download on your phone! These apps have an automatic timer that will let you know when 20 or 10 seconds have passed. You can even select the number of cycles you want to do. Just press start and begin!

Let’s get started! Do six rounds of these exercises:


You know what these are! Starting on the floor like a push-up, bring the knees in, pushing off the ground and reaching for the sky. Remember there are always ways to modify. Try using a chair or the edge of the couch to lean on instead of starting on the ground.

Overhead press

If you don’t have free weights at home, grab a gallon of milk, heavy soup cans or something that’s about 8-10lbs. You will lift your “weights” over your head and back down repeatedly.


Get on all fours or use a bench and while staying on the balls of your feet, scissor the feet bringing the knees toward the chest.


Simulate being on a rowing machine and pull towards you in a semi-lunge position. Alternate your leading foot during each round.


Use stairs or a curb to do step-ups. Modify by decreasing your speed. If you don’t have a step or if you need to modify, simply do a V-step.


Alternating bicep curls using a weight. Try increasing speed and go as fast as you can.

Traveling Lunges

Keep the weights to your side and do lunges. Alternate the leading leg.

Tricep Dips

To do tricep dips, use some sort of small ledge like the stairs, couch or bench. You can also do them on the floor.


Alternate between Burpees and Climbers for this round.


Remember to modify to knees or wall if need be.

Traveling Lunges with high knees

Alternate the leading leg, and bring that knee up high before taking the next step.


You can also do V-sits or Russian twists for this also.