Fun Food Websites

When living a healthy lifestyle, being aware of how food is prepared becomes necessary. Whether you are eating at home or eating out, the way food is prepared is probably where you are getting extra calories. I have come across a few new food websites that I thought you might find helpful!

1. Foodily: This website is my newest obsession. You enter something you want to cook (chicken, veggie burgers, quinoa, etc) and then you can specify ingredients you don’t want to use (dairy, butter, oil, eggs, nuts, meat – this is great for those of you with food allergies or specific preferences). It compiles recipes for you from around the web that meet your criteria and also includes nutritional information.
2. Healthy Dining Finder: On this site, you enter your zip code and specify your price range. It will provide you with a list of restaurants in your area. Once you choose a restaurant, it will list an address, phone number, driving directions AND healthy choices on their menu. One stop shop for all your eating out needs!
3. Happy Cow: Understandably, vegetarians can often find eating on the road, or eating out in general, somewhat difficult. For those of you who are vegetarian, this website will act much like the Healthy Dining Finder but the restaurants listed will offer vegetarian options.
Have any of you used these websites? What are other websites you find helpful for making healthy choices?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD