From Strangers to Supporters

altHave you ever felt completely alone in your efforts to become healthy? Maybe stepped into a gym and felt like you didn’t belong or struggled to find someone who understands because all of your friends and family members seem to be fit?


I know I have had those thoughts and let me tell you, they can consume you and make it really difficult to make healthy choices that will lead to a happier life. The truth is you are not alone. When I started to share my struggles publicly I saw how many people reached out to me with the same struggles. We are not all alone in this battle! It is important to find a place where you do feel comfortable and safe. I have never felt more supported than I do at Fitness Ridge. And it has nothing to do with me having been on the show and I am certainly not the only one. I hear it from guests every day that I am there.

Fitness Ridge is a place where your successes are celebrated by not only your trainers but by all the guests around you. I love sitting in on Friday graduation and hearing the testimonies of the guests that arrived alone on Sunday and have made friends for life in a few short days. It’s even greater when I meet return guests that have come together after meeting each other at Fitness Ridge years ago. The friendships made at Fitness Ridge provide the support that we all need well beyond your stay. So to all those who boarded the plane by themselves and are arriving today for your first time ever at Fitness Ridge, you are not alone!

You may be coming by yourself but you will be at the resort with instant friends and some you may leave calling family. Have a great week, everyone!