From “Biggest Loser” to Biggest Loser Resort: Jessica Limpert & Ramon Medeiros

altaltWord is quickly spreading of our two newest employees to The Biggest Loser Resort, former Season 12 “Biggest Loser” contestants Jessica Limpert and Ramon Medeiros. The dynamic duo recently completed a week stay at The Biggest Loser Resort Utah to participate in the fitness program and gain insight into guests experiences.  To hear what they had to say click here.

Prior to working up a sweat in Utah, Jessica & Ramon worked out with guests at BLR Malibu and participated in promotional filming….stay tuned for more on all the upcoming excitement!


Ramon & Jess in Ball Works Class


Behind the scenes with Ramon & Jess

Next they are off to Washington D.C. to represent The Biggest Loser Resort at NBC’s 2012 Health and Fitness Expo.  Sarah from our Utah Resort will have more details on the expo as it unfolds in the upcoming week.

At the end of the month, Jessica and Ramon will return to Malibu where they will prepare to work as personal trainers at The Biggest Loser Resort, in addition to coordinating nationwide travel as motivational speakers.

Congratulations to Jessica and Ramon on their accomplishments towards a healthy lifestyle and for ‘paying it forward’ to others in need.  We welcome them both to the BLR family!

Cheers to health in life!