Forever is Composed of Nows

Did you know that if you wanted to grow a bamboo tree, you would have to plant a seed and water it for 5 years before anything happened?  Really, NOTHING (noticeably) happens to the seed for 5 YEARS.  But in the 5th year, it will shoot up 90 feet in 6 weeks.  I bet it would be easy to give up in the 4th year, but then you would never see the miracle of the 5th year.


What you don’t see in those first few years is the roots growing deep, deep, deep into the ground to support the rapid growth that is coming in the 5th year.  If you quit watering, growth can’t happen.

Forever is composed of nows - Movara

Remember that getting where you want to go is composed of the small daily decisions.  You may not see noticeable growth or progress, but you can’t see all that is happening on a cellular and neural level.  As you heal the relationship with food and yourself, and focus on what is right in front of you, you will get where you want to go.  


Truly understanding that will not only bring ultimate progress, it can also bring peace during the process.  We often think that happiness comes in the 5th year, but then you are only delaying enjoying what is right in front of you.  


I?ve come to deeply appreciate that healing and growth take time.  I can see the wisdom in that.  What we set out to heal, actually heals us.  It?s the process of healing that heals – it fosters strength, resilience, trust, confidence, patience, compassion, understanding and wisdom.  It?s BECAUSE this process takes time that it has the potential to truly heal your mind and body.  We learn by experience so don?t ever sell yourself short.


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD