For the Love!!

Monday was my first day out on the stop sign. I felt like I had been in a wheel chair for several months and was able to walk again. i loved the fresh air, the feeling of putting on my running shoes, my lungs full of clean air, my heart pumping, and just having the energy to push myself. It is such a hard feeling to describe but i am convinced that everyone needs to get to the point where they love something about exercise before you give up.

Notice I didn’t say love exercise itself. Many of you may have heard me say that the thing I love most about exercise is being done and yes that is very true however this week I just loved being out and being able to push myself to the point where I felt my legs “burn.” There are hundreds of reasons why we should love exercise and unfortunately most people exercise to lose weight and aren’t successful so they quit. I was only able to go about 1 1/2 miles up the stop sign.

Although my feet were numb at times, I had to stop a guide for band aids for my ankles (they were starting to bleed), my calves burned on the up hills, it was difficult to breath, my throat hurt the whole way up, and my shoulder ached-i was just happy to be out again. I am excited to get this last 30lbs off and I know exercise is going to be a big part of it for me. However, I was reassured that I have developed a love of exercise that I will do it regardless of the weight loss and this is the purpose of my post today.

I strongly feel that one should find other reasons to exercise other than weight loss. The hundreds of health benefits alone are reason enough but for me it is the release of stress, anxiety, boredom, fear, sadness, loneliness, self defeating thoughts, etc. that makes exercise empowering. I challenge all of you to get out and enjoy the fresh air, get your heart pumping, stop fighting the exercise and embrace it.

I see so many guests out there on the stop sign and I can just feel them fighting it and I want to share with all of you or with them as well to stop exercising for weight loss-enjoy it (I am not saying take it easy :)) and create a love for exercise and then the weight loss with follow. If you have never felt the “exercise high” don’t stop until you do-it is a feeling that can not be describe.

It is a natural high that the body begs for! You all deserve to take the time for “YOU!” If you don’t you will feel it and you won’t be as effective at the other things you love. It’s like putting your own oxygen mask first. You can’t help anyone else unless you take care of yourself first. I know it is hard-do the best you can.

My best has changed with 5 kids now 🙂 For those of you who care or are wondering I have dropped another 2 lbs. It also helps me to make myself accountable to all of you-another recommendation-make yourself accountable to someone.