Food Trends for 2010

I think we have come a long way nutritionally in the last decade. Sure we have a long way to go, but in general I think society has become more aware of the importance of good nutrition. In fact, “getting back to basics” is forecasted to be the biggest food trend of 2010. Click here to read more about food trends in 2010.

Another notable trend is “going green” and eating sustainable foods. Click here for a recent blog post on “eating green”.
In the coming decade, I see more dedication to eating healthy. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I think we are turning a corner. We have come to realize the importance of returning to whole foods. Sure there will always be junk, but I actually think we will be forced to live more simply, nutrition included. Sadly, I also think that in some ways many people will be faced with a stark reality. Because of our unhealthy past, many people will have to decide between continuing on the path to disease or altering their nutrition to improve their quality of life. It is sad that many haven’t heeded the warnings until it is too late, but better late than never right? We really are at the make it or break it point.
I also see some environmental changes on the horizon. Healthier choices, smaller portion sizes, commitment to cooking at home, better labels on foods, affordable nutrition… The fact is, things HAVE to change. There is no way we can continue on like this.
What do you foresee as trends in the coming decade? Do you see our environment changing? Will eating healthier be more convenient? Will reading labels be easier? I am very interested to hear what you think.
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD