Food Packing List for Travel

We have a lot of guests that travel quite a bit and they always want to know what to pack for trips. I put together a quick list of non-perishable items. If you check your bag, you could add liquids to this list. Either way, plan ahead! Don’t rely on airplane food or eating out all the time. Take control of your meals by packing basic, healthy options.


Dry Cereal (Kashi, Cheerios…)
English Muffins
Granola Bars (Kashi, Cascadian Farms, Nature Valley crunchy)
Crackers (Kashi, Triscuit, All Bran)
Energy Bars (Odawalla, Cliff, Pure, Kind, Larabars, Kashi GoLean Roll)
Instant oatmeal (plain or low sugar)
Instant brown rice and other grains
Instant soups (Eating Right, Fantastic Foods)
Nut Butters (Justin’s single serving)
Dried fruit
Dried veggies
Trail Mix
Lean Jerky
Roasted Edamame
Vacuum packed tuna/salmon/chicken or canned
Powdered milk (can reconstitute with water for a great protein source)
Empty water bottle to fill up after security

Mustard and ketchup packets
Can pack meals, freeze them and then ask attendants to heat them for you
Fresh fruit and veggies to eat on the plane (perishable foods in general)

Combining some of these will give you complete meals. For example, spread peanutbutter on your english muffin and add a banana for breakfast. Or take an instant oatmeal packet, add powdered milk and hot water for a hot breakfast. Use vacuum packed or canned meats, an english muffin and mustard for a sandwich.
What do you pack? Did I miss something?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD