Food Is a Form of Self-Care, Not a Moral Issue

This quote/graphic comes from my fellow HAES, Intuitive Eating and Body Positive professionals at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

eating is an issue of self-care

Do you love it!?  I do.  It’s everything.  The really amazing thing about dropping the judgements around food (good vs bad, healthy vs unhealthy, etc) is that you are then in a position to make choices that honor YOU rather than following a list of rules.  When you eat a so-called “bad” food, it follows that you will behave “badly” while the opposite is true of “good” foods.  This all-or-nothing mentality means that you keep vacillating between extremes, completely losing connection from what actually feels effective and wise.  


I encourage you to practice switching your thought processes from being “good” or “bad” with food to how you can best support yourself with food.  Is it leaving you full, satisfied and energized after you eat it?  Or are you preoccupied, obsessed, scared or distrustful?  Are you still hungry or unsatisfied after you eat?  Do you feel deprived or have a lot of cravings?  Are you consistently eating past fullness?  Why?  Start to think about how food effects how you feel rather than what you weigh.  YOU are in charge of food, food is not in charge of you.  Don’t give it more power by overthinking, second-guessing or micromanaging your food selections.  Let food work for you rather than against you.


Emily Fonnesbeck RD, CD