Food, Blisters & People

Movara – DAY 2

Out of all the things that I knew were going to take place during this quest of mine, the change in diet made me the most apprehensive. I don’t like vegetables, I adore Chick-Fil-A sandwiches (a few of them in one sitting), and I am accustomed to eating until I feel full.

Much to my surprise, the 1200 calories per day that they serve here are very filling and quite tasty. The food here is filled with vegetables and low calorie soy products. We had enchiladas last night with squash in it. I hate squash but this meal was amazing! There have been tasty soups, plenty of salad, fruit, and we had a delectable chicken breast drizzled in a made from scratch bbq sauce on Monday night. Best of all there has not been one instance yet where I have been dying to eat something. When mealtime arrives I am hungry, I eat, and then I remain satisfied until the next meal. Does anyone know if tofu gives you gas?

The only negative thing that I have encountered thus far has had nothing to do with the spa — I have an enormous blister on my right foot. I am doing everything to treat it and move on with the regimen. I can’t let it slow down my progress.

Lastly, the people that attend these spas are awesome. I have met a lot of very nice people from every walk of life. Each of them comes with one goal in mind…the betterment of their bodies. It really makes for a terrific atmosphere.

Regardless of the vegetables my pilgramage continues. Peace and Love.