The Movara Program

Take a quick look at the five proven pillars of the Movara Program.

Our 7 day minimum all-inclusive program begins and ends on Sunday. Accommodations, fitness classes, guided hikes, educational lectures and meals are included.

We Focus on these 5 Proven Principles:


YOU achieve RESULTS with our structured program. 

You arrive Sunday afternoon, check into you room and begin your week with a full body fitness assessment. You enjoy your first calorie balanced meal Sunday evening prior to Orientation. You are given a schedule everyone participates in as best as your situation allows. The days are full of activities with the expectation of full participation as allowed.


Movara’s Perfected Program encourages a consistent routine. Our daily routine includes the habit of early morning activities, 3 balanced meals a day, daily movement with a variety of fitness classes and daily hikes, daily education, and an evening routine that encourages meditation and relaxation with our full service spa. 


Just by being at Movara, you are taking accountability. EVERY guest is important to us! We know you by name and want you to get the most out of your experience. We take attendance for all activities in order to help us keep track of every guest and to help you get the most out of your experience. When needing to skip any activities, you work with a trainer to plan substitutions or to make arrangements that meet your needs while being at the resort. 



The Movara Community has become our secret sauce! Guests come from all over the world with different backgrounds, histories, and beliefs. However, each guest shares the common desire of achieving overall health. This common goal creates a safe, judgment free environment where our guests thrive and become like family. We care about each family member. 


The best fitness, or nutrition plan you can choose is the one you’re willing to do long term. We believe the more simple the plan, the greater the opportunity for consistency. Lasting results are the result of consistent actions over time. Keeping this principle in mind when creating a fitness or nutrition routine will be essential to success. Everyone’s simple is different. It’s important to not compare your simple to someone else’s simple. After all, slow and steady wins the race!! 

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