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It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned fitness veteran or if you couldn’t pick a barbell out of a lineup. Movara customizes our fitness offerings to your specific experience and comfort level. When we say all fitness levels are welcome, we really mean it! Movara is a judgment-free zone.

At Movara, we make getting healthy and losing weight a sensible, achievable and lasting lifestyle choice. You’ll try fitness classes featuring boxing, TRX, dance, and more.

We want to reassure our guests that above all, you’ll be well taken care of at Movara. Our fitness program is safe and designed to accommodate any skill level. We meet you where you’re at, but be prepared to surprise yourself by the time you leave, because you will definitely do more than you thought you could!

Woman holding boxing bag for her partner to pratice.
Woman holding boxing bag for her partner to pratice.

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Available Classes

Fitness Classes

Join our classes lead by some of the best fitness trainers in the industry to help you burn calories, lose weight, and build yourself.

Morning Stretch

30-Minute Stretch class designed to increase circulation and wake up your body and muscles in preparation for the morning hike and the rest of your day. You will need your mat and strap, but the class may also use foam rollers and other implements.

Yoga Stretch

Restorative flexibility and stretching using traditional yoga-based stretch postures.


Restorative flexibility class using static stretching and light dynamic or ballistic stretching. May include stretch-assisting implements like yoga strap, blocks, and foam rollers.


Mobility focuses on combining range of motion with balance, coordination, and stability. We also address the issues with muscle balance and focus on corrective movement strategies and practices bringing the body into balance. This class uses foam rollers, lacrosse balls, straps, and blocks.


Select the cardio machine of your choice! Mountain increases aerobic conditioning and cardio-pulmonary efficiency by increasing intensity and your heart rate, primarily through resistance and/or incline.

Cardio Intervals

Select the cardio machine of your choice! Cardio Intervals increases aerobic conditioning and cardio-pulmonary efficiency by increasing intensity and your heart rate through a series of specifically timed intervals at varying speeds and/or resistance levels.


Select the cardio machine of your choice! Initially designed as a treadmill-specific workout, but can be adapted to any cardio machine. Treading increases aerobic conditioning and cardio-pulmonary efficiency by increasing intensity and your heart rate through a series of specifically timed intervals at varying speeds and/or resistance levels.

Cinco Speed

Select the cardio machine of your choice! Cinco gets its name because we work in 5-minute intervals, where each 5-minute block is approached as its own distinct workout. Placed at the end of the week, Cinco is designed to push you further with higher intensities, and guarantees that you will leave the class having done more than you thought physically possible.

Pool Classes

Each pool class is different depending on which instructor is teaching. Pool classes use equipment like aqua-bells, noodles, and body weight to increase your heart rate, build muscle, increase joint range of motion, and burn calories in a low-impact environment. Work in the pool is a popular alternative activity for many guests with joint pain or movement limitations.


AMRAP is an acronym that stands for “As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible”! You will complete as much exercise as possible, ensuring a great muscle building and calorie burning workout regardless of current fitness level. The format changes weekly but always includes total-body functional movements using equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, weight bars, fitness balls, bands, and more.


Bootcamp traditionally focuses on higher-rep, lower-weight, or bodyweight functional movements. Because the focus is on increased reps, muscle fatigue and “burn” requires the workout to be as much mental as it is physical.

Body Blast

The Body-Blast format changes each week but is a total-body workout that uses a number of different pieces of equipment, isolating individual muscle groups that let you see where your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as any imbalances.


A suspension training class guaranteed to challenge anyone! Suspension training takes traditionally “closed-chain”, or more stable exercises, and makes them “open-chain” exercises that require the body to stabilize itself through the exercise’s range of motion. Each exercise can be altered making it more difficult or easier simply by changing the angle of the body.


Circuit has been the foundational fitness class at Movara since the beginning. It’s a hybrid class combining strength and cardio workouts where you will be coached through a series of two-minute working sets alternating between cardio machines and pin-selected weight machines.


Mat based Pilates focuses on strength, stability, posture, proper breath control and flexibility. Each class will work to balance strength and flexibility for all muscle groups, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement. Classes will be taught using slow, controlled movements. Movara also has small group and private Pilates Reformer classes upon request.


Strength-based class combining isometric and small controlled movements that isolate the core musculature with an emphasis on breathing to control blood pressure spikes.

Hip Hop

Dance-based cardio class designed for fun while burning calories and increasing motor control, balance and coordination; all set to contemporary hip hop and pop music.


Latin dance-based cardio class designed for fun while burning calories and increasing motor control, balance and coordination; set to contemporary Latin and pop music.


Barre is a progressively rigorous workout that blends elements from different exercise styles including ballet, pilates, and yoga. Movara’s barre class welcomes first-timers as well as seasoned practitioners. Get ready to feel muscles you didn’t know you had!

Last Blast

Last Blast is offered once a week as the last class on the weekly schedule. It is a 90-minute class divided into three consecutive 30-minute blocks. The first 30 minutes focuses on cardio training in the gym. The second 30 minutes is in the court, with a focus on strength, and the final 30 is flexibility work. Whether you’re staying over or heading home, there’s no better way to head into the weekend!

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Hiking Levels

People hiking up toward camera point of view, red and white mountain view behind.
Our guests are invited on daily hikes, in a place famous for its hikes and scenery. Our hiking program is unmatched, and taking in the fresh outdoors is a magical way to begin each day. Our resort is located in the high desert of Southern Utah, offering hikes in the spectacular red rock of Snow Canyon State Park and the surrounding areas. Hikes offered are structured to accommodate all guests, regardless of ability. These outdoor adventures play an important and memorable role in your time at the resort. The varied landscape around our resort offers a splendid array of amazing trail options for terrain, cardio intensity, and experience level – but all feature breathtakingly stunning scenery that is a reward in itself.

All Movara hiking guides are CPR/First Aid-certified and specially trained to lead, motivate, and care for all guests on these fun, calorie-burning daily workouts all while keeping you safe.

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Meet Our Trainers

Sharon smiling at the camera.


Health & Fitness Coach

Sharon Read

Health & Fitness Coach

A certified personal trainer and part of Movara since almost the very beginning, Sharon has come to know exactly how to push people in the most compassionate way, and is dedicated to making exercise fun! ”What can you do in 30 seconds!!?” - Sharon



Health & Fitness Coach

Jared Jones

Health & Fitness Coach

Jared’s background is in education and exercise science, with a Master’s degree in Human Movement, with an emphasis in movement quality, correcting muscle imbalances, and personal and group exercise training; a background tailor-made for Movara!

Ronda in a pink t-shirt, smiling at the camera.


Health & Fitness Coach

Ronda Birch

Health & Fitness Coach

A highlight of your stay will be Ronda's stretch classes. An expert in essential oils, she weaves them into this incredible recovery experience. When she’s off the clock, Ronda is with her family, cooking, or relaxing on the nearest beach.

Tamee at the gym, smiling with finger on cheek.


Health & Fitness Coach

Tamee Valenzuela

Health & Fitness Coach

Tamee is a lifelong dancer who started teaching at age 16. With an education degree (minor in Dance), Tamee is perfect for Movara! She is thrilled to be a part of the joy that comes through exercise, because that joy has a ripple effect, touching everyone else in your life.

Clara smiling to the camera.


Health & Fitness Coach

Clara Call

Health & Fitness Coach

Clara went to college on a soccer scholarship and was a powerlifter and firefighter in her 20s. With a degree in biomechanics and certifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness, and more — Clara is ready to train you!



Health & Fitness Coach

Deshka Olson

Health & Fitness Coach

Deshka is a former collegiate athlete who now owns her own indoor cycling studio. Her favorite part of teaching at Movara is knowing that everyone at this resort is taking action to better some part of their lives, whether physical, mental, or relational.

Meet Our Hiking Guides



Hiking Manager

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Assistant Hiking Manager
Wendy smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
Marlyn smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
Kimmy wearing glasses smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
Shearbear smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
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Hiking Guide
dennis hikingguide


Hiking Guide

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Hiking Guide
Kendell wearing black glasses smiling in a Movara hiking team jacket.


Hiking Guide
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Hiking Guide
Jen smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt


Hiking Guide


Hiking Guide

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Hiking Guide
Kari smiling in Movara's hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
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Hiking Guide
brian hikingguide


Hiking Guide

Joe smiling in Movara hiking team jacket


Hiking Guide
Olivia smiling in a Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide

Josh smiling in Movara hiking team t-shirt.


Hiking Guide
jan hikingguide


Hiking Guide

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Hiking Guide



Hiking Guide



Hiking Guide



Hiking Guide



Hiking Guide

kelsi hiking


Hiking Guide

Fitness/Hiking Staff

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