Workout Routine & Fitness Program at Movara – The Ultimate Weight Loss Camp For Adults!


“It was transformative. I cannot begin to tell you how worth-it it was. I would highly recommend this place to anyone as a weight loss camp for adults, no matter what their fitness level and no matter what their goal.” Ann Marie

The Movara weight loss program takes an integrative and comprehensive approach to your overall health and wellness. We accomplish this through a combined emphasis on physical fitness, nutrition, and education. Whether you’re hoping to lose substantial weight or are in search of an active fitness vacation, our award-winning weight loss program is designed to encourage and empower you to achieve balance in a supportive group environment.

You’ll build endurance through exhilarating group-oriented workouts led by certified trainers who will keep you positively motivated and challenged to surpass your own expectations. Through our informative and entertaining educational series, you’ll increase your knowledge about how to identify your body’s cues, unmask your personal triggers, and transform your relationship with food, for life. After all, how you truly feel about yourself matters – and you hold the power to create lasting change!

Looking For Life Changing Weight Loss?

The Ultimate Weight Loss Camp For Adults

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Gain Confidence – Our Fitness Programs

Our carefully constructed fitness program is designed to help you burn fat, build muscle, and gain confidence while simultaneously introducing you to several new activities to explore and enjoy. Our classes are offered to guests at all fitness levels and provide an unmatched weight loss camp for adults experience. The workout classes may include: (Call for Specific Class Information)

Wellness Resort and Weight Loss Camp For Adults- Movara Fitness Resort

Total Toning
Cardio Circuit
Total Body H20
Ball Works
Core Strength Training
H20 Aquatics
Water Aerobics
Cardio Intervals
Circuit Training
Indoor Cycling
Cardio Blast

H20 Intervals

Workout Routine Accommodates All Fitness Levels

As the featured component of the Movara exercise routine, each day begins with an invigorating morning hike through the beautiful outdoors. Led by our professionally-trained hiking guides, these are much more than leisurely walks: they are fantastic, calorie-burning workouts that yield great results. We carefully design our fitness program to determine not only the best exercise for weight loss, but also the best exercise for you! Our weight loss bootcamp offers different options that vary in cardio intensity, so we can be sure our workouts are tailored to your needs, experience levels, and capabilities.

Private Sessions – Trainers, Nutritionists, Life Coaches, & More

If you feel you would benefit from more personal, private experience during your stay, Movara offers private consultations and one-on-one sessions with nutritionists, counselors, life coaches, and trainers/instructors for an additional fee. To reserve an appointment, contact the front desk or send an email to

Leisure Activities

Additional activities are available for your enjoyment. For a complete list, visit the “Services & Amenities” page. Our resort features a refreshing pool and hot tub so you can relax after a particularly intense workout or unwind at the end of another invigorating day at Movara.

Find out why Movara is considered the best weight loss program out there. Book your stay today!

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Please check your email for details. If you have questions, please call us at (888) 870-2639.