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Fit-Ball Core Workout

Fit Ball Core and Strength Workout

Using a fit-ball is an easy way to get a full-body workout. The advantage of using a fit-ball as opposed to a workout on the floor is that it engages multiple muscle groups. It’s great to use when you are sitting at a desk for a long time, as it engages your core and improves your posture as you are sitting. Here are some great core exercises using a fit ball.


Place elbows on the fit ball and hold for 1 minute. 


With the ball on the floor, place your shins on top of the ball and hands on the floor, and push up. This can be modified by keeping the ball closer to your torso. For more of a challenge, place the ball closer to your feet.


In pushup position with your feet on the ball and hands on the floor, place the ball on your shins.. roll the ball forward and pull your knees up towards your chest and back out.


Same movement as the tuck, but push your hips up. This will be a little bit more challenging

Weight bench

Do a chest press or fly with some free weights while your upper back is on the ball, feet on the floor. This will help you get that full upper body workout, and a workout for your legs and thighs as well.

Ball pass              

Hold the ball between your feet/ankles and lower the ball to the floor. Lift the ball back up and pass to your hands, moving the ball towards the floor with your arms. Then, move the ball back up again and repeat. This is an excellent ab workout. It engages the lower and top part of your core.