Fatalities at Movara

altIt was a typical morning just like any other at Movara. The sun was coming up, birds chirping, guests were filling up their camel backs getting ready for their last hike of the week, but there seemed to be a lot more commotion than usual over in the gym. I walked in to see what was going on and fell over laughing. Every day I hear guests say things like “this class is going to kill me” or, “come scrape my body off the floor at the end of today” but this is something I had never seen before. Sarah, our beloved guest from Australia who has been with us for 7 weeks, had to leave an impression before she returned home. This is what we found in the main gym:


And this is what was found in the court.


Apparently one died from the treadmill, one from stretch class, and one from kickboxing. Haha! We had so much fun with Sarah and appreciated her entertaining personality! In seven weeks she has transformed so much! She chose not to weigh herself at the end of her stay because she said the number was not important. She measured her success from how she felt and how her clothes fit, and she says it was a very successful adventure (even if she did leave three “dead” bodies behind)! I appreciated Sarah’s decision and it reminded me that the number on the scale is not as important as how we feel. It made me think about how often I weigh myself and if it affects my day or not. I committed to put my scale away for awhile and focus on non-scale victories.

Anyone care to join me?