Movara Frequently Asked Questions

“BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!! The week at Movara was “Magical!” Upon arriving home from the resort I had a lipid panel done for a checkup. And all my numbers are now in check!”. Michelle

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Is the Movara Program only for overweight individuals?

Do you have to be in shape to participate?

What is the age limit for guests?

How long do people stay at the resort?

How much does it cost?

If I live nearby do I still have to stay at the resort to participate?

What happens when I book a reservation but have to cancel it?

What are the features of a typical guest room?

What are the facilities like at the resort?

What is the food like?

What is a typical day like?

What types of exercise classes are offered?

Hiking for two hours is intimidating to me….will I be able to do it?

Who are the trainers and educators?

What will I learn in the education series?