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F8 Moves Update

Cameron and Michelle Kelsch’s F8 has changed a bit. Cameron came up with F8 because we are a family of 8 but we also loved that it says fate.

At Movara it’s often said that there are no accidents. People come to the resort at just the right time to meet others who end up life long friends, or the timing ends up being the perfect reset.

We had the crazy idea of taking our family in an RV for a year around the states as a way to spend our last year all together as a family before our oldest (Bryson), (who was one year old when we started the resort and is now 18,) graduates from high school.

We took off at the end of May and our first 6 weeks were very rocky to say the least. With 3 RV breakdowns leaving us homeless, bikes stolen and the challenge of adjusting to 300 sq ft. for 8 people, we questioned our adventure.

Starting the resort had never been a dream of ours and driving in an RV across the United States was also never a dream. However we feel they were both fate. As we worked hard, the resort flourished and now we are in awe at how our trip came together and now how it’s panning out.

It has been helpful to focus on “our why” as we have traveled. However, “our why” has changed. Initially we were focused on being all together. After our week in Arizona at Lake Powell, Bryson mentioned staying back for a week or two. Immediately, I questioned his motives and was convinced that we needed to appreciate what we were doing and capitalize on the experience by getting rid of all electronics for a week and enjoy our time together by not being distracted by things and people back home. With some reluctance everyone complied. After our amazing week in Wyoming, I was convinced Bryson’s desire to go home would be gone. He was very supportive and said he wouldn’t go home if we wanted him to stay but he was still feeling a desire to go home to experience his senior year.  After much prayer and council as a family, we felt it was best to send Bryson home.

As wrong as it may seem to many people, we are very proud and excited for Bryson. He is a very kind, hard working, fun, sweet boy. He loves his siblings and has never been too cool to hang out with his parents. He also has worked hard in sports his whole life and enjoys the social aspect of being around and helping people at school.

When we thought of him being able to live at the resort we felt very comfortable about sending him home.

After being out 11 weeks and experiencing amazing things, the rest of us are excited to finish hitting every state. “Our why” has now become the experience and the people. The two things that make Movara so great!

Since Bryson will be home participating in his senior year, we have decided to expedite our trip to be home by Thanksgiving and spend the last few months together before he graduates.

Because of the expedited schedule, we have decided not to schedule any official meet ups. However, one of our favorite parts of the trip has been meeting up with guests and new friends .. so we would love to continue to do so as F8 allows. The easiest way for us to connect is via Facebook or Instagram @f8movesus or email We hope to see as many of you as we can. It has been so fun visiting each state. Now when our guests tell us where they are from, we will have an instant connection.

We have been keeping up with the resort daily and love hearing about our guests experiences while we are on the road. We miss the Movara food, people and red rocks! Cam communicates daily with our Villas builder and is so excited to be present during the construction. We hope to see you all again soon!

With love Cameron and Michelle