Exercise Alternatives!

I know we can get a great workout from a treadmill, elliptical, machine, bike, etc. but sometimes we need to switch it up. I’ll be honest, I get really bored on the treadmill after awhile. For me to have a really great workout it has to be fun! Now don’t get me wrong, I can have a fun workout on a machine, but sometimes I need a little something more.

Fitness Ridge gets it, and although we have great classes using cardio machines, there is also an open gym period where we get to let it all out on the field. Here’s a little sneak peak: 


Take your family to the park to play a sport and run around. It’s too cold you say? Find an indoor basketball court and play a good game of lightening, also referred to as knock out, where everyone lines up and the second person in line tries to make a basket before the first. The line keeps rotating and if you play like I do and have to chase the ball everywhere, it is easy to keep your heart rate up!

Another awesome thing I played with my family and ended up with sweat down my back was with a ping pong table. Anyone heard of a game called “Around the World”? It is a lot of fun and involves a lot of running around the table if you don’t get out first. Everyone stands around the table and the circle rotates, each person hitting the ball when they are in front of the paddle. It gets really crazy when it gets down to three people and you are running from side to side to hit the ball in time. It is so much fun!

My point is, don’t just sit around because you don’t have a gym membership, hate the elliptical, or because the weather is cold. Find active things that you can do with your family or friends that are still fun. Anyone else have ideas that you can add??