Even Cellos Need Movara

We are no strangers to music here at Movara. You’ll find upbeat tunes blasting during our cardio classes, softer melodies playing in our zen room, relaxing sounds during your massage, fun songs accompanying the videos and pictures at the end of week video played at graduation, and of course countless artists and genres playing in the ears of guests through ipods or cell phones. What can we say? Music gets us going!

The Piano Guys is a music duo consisting of well-known piano player Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson. They have become famous through You Tube, where they post videos of renditions and mashes of popular songs mixed with their professional videos. The are AWESOME and receive millions of views on their videos.

We were really excited when The Piano Guys asked if Movara could be a part of their newest video! This video is hilarious, these guys are geniuses, and we are happy that we could take part in such a great message, too!

Watch as the cello sees the side effects of over eating and what he does about it.

See, everyone can benefit from Movara!! Feel free to share this video with anyone that you think would enjoy it. Have a great day!!

Until next time, 

Sarah Nitta