Escarole and Kohlrabi

I happened upon two new vegetables today,escarole and kohlrabi, this week the blog is on a leafy greens kick! If you have never heard of them either, do not feel ashamed, they are rather new menu items to the United States. Used in many recipes in Italy and the Netherlands, escarole is outshined by low nutrient iceberg lettuce in our super markets. I encourage you to try adding escarole to your mixed green salads or boiling it down for use in soups from now on!

Escarole is a high source of Vitamin A, good source of Vitamin K, folate and manganese. It is also more dense than you think and yields a high amount when shredded, so it can be a money saver also! Kohlrabi, also known as German turnip, it is a close cousin to cabbage or broccoli but has a milder taste. Kohlrabi can be eaten either cooked or raw and it also is a good source of Vitamin A and also Vitamin C and potassium. Both escarole and kohlrabi are low in calories and good sources of fiber and hydration to your diet. Here are a few recipes to help start you on your new vegetable cooking adventures…

Escarole and White Bean Soup

Grilled Polenta with Shrimp and Escarole

Winter Greens Escarole Salad

Thai Grilled Chicken and Kohlrabi on Cabbage (swap kohlrabi for the broccoli in recipe)

If anyone has tried escarole or kohlrabi before in a different meal, please share. Other fun, new greens to try out in your menu are beet greens, green cabbage, dandelion greens, endive and bok choy.

Jessica, Nutrition Counselor