Episode Two: Health Assessment for BL7 Contestant Filipe Fa

Filipe Fa Asses
The “Biggest Loser” Season 7 contestants Filipe Fa, and his cousin Sione Fa, first stepped on the scale in 2009 weighing in at a combined weight of 736 pounds.
 After months of sweat, tears, pain, and a lot of hard work, both Sione and Filipe each lost over 130 pounds. They were healthier, in-shape and motivated to live healthier lives. 


Since, Filipe has regained all the weight he had lost and has teamed back up with Sione and Walgreens Way to Well in a mission to lose weight and get back on track to living a healthy life.

We invite you to join us as we share Filipe’s 3 1/2 month weight loss journey as he gets trained by Sione at The Biggest Loser Resort. This week, Filipe visits the Walgreens ‘Way to Well’ Health Tour for a free assessment


Until next time, cheers to health in life! 

Amanda Fitz