Emotional Eating

Guests often have concerns over emotional eating. Here is a great article from the Mayo Clinic. We talk about some of these issues during our Intuitive Eating lecture such as differentiating between physical and emotional hunger. I really agree with their idea of keeping a food journal and recording, maybe for a week or so, what you eat, how much you eat, how hungry you are, why you are eating, and how you feel while you eat. The first step is to identify your triggers, and although it will take time, it will lay the foundation for healthy behaviors.

I also agree, of course, with keeping unhealthy food out of sight, out of mind. Eating consistent, well-balanced meals can help keep you well-fed and level-headed. You will be better able to identify how you actually feel rather than just reacting to your environment.
And most importantly, if you slip up, forgive yourself and start fresh. Usually, the real damage happens after the fact when you make yourself feel guilty for being “bad”. It happens to all of us, just get up, brush yourself off, and start over.
I am so interested to hear your thoughts on this so speak up!
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD