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Movara understands that any treatment of the body is incomplete without also focusing on the mind. Education is a crucial component of the Movara experience, because when someone embarks on the journey to change their lifestyle, they must also understand the how and why of that journey, so that they can have faith in themselves and the outcome.

That’s why Movara includes daily lectures and workshops, run by some of the world’s leading experts on physical, mental, and emotional health. This is cutting-edge science made accessible and applicable to you. More than simply a crash course, you will emerge from your Movara experience as an expert in all the issues that are most relevant to you and your ongoing health and well-being.

Lecture hall at Movara filled with guest.
Lecture hall at Movara filled with guest.
You might remember long, boring lectures from your schooldays — that’s not what this is! In entertaining and interactive presentations, you will come to understand how to identify your body’s cues, unmask your personal triggers, and transform your relationship with food, for life. You’ll learn the keys to healthy nutrition, how to master your habits and develop stress resilience, as well as the impact that mindfulness can have on your goals.

Education is the most effective way to create and maintain lasting change. At Movara, you can learn something that will change your life every single day.

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Healing & Connection

This lecture focuses on helping each of us understand how to utilize our emotions and relationships in a way that supports our physical wellness and healing. Emotional connection is one of the greatest gifts that we have in this life and this lecture helps us maximize our relationship with ourselves and others.


learning how to live in the present moment is one of the ancient arts of many enlightened cultures; this lecture examines how mindfulness can support our overall wellness; in addition, guests will be guided through various mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Stress Management

Stress is often seen as a bad word and comes with a host of ailments and challenges often associated with the negative effects of stress. This lecture will teach guests how to use stress for your benefit and lead your best life through an empowering approach to stress.

Life Balance

This lecture is an experiential activity in which guests engage in a process of examining their current life roles, activities, and boundaries; through this exploration, guests are encouraged to re-examine how they can structure their lives from an internal place leading to greater personal satisfaction and alignment with life in general.

Nutrient Density vs Calorie Density

In this lecture we go deeper with nutrition, discussing how to rebalance our bodies and truly feed our metabolism. We dispel the myth of needing to starve ourselves to achieve sustained and healthy weight loss. Learning that when our body has the nutrition (information) it needs, we not only regain health and vitality, but we also naturally return to our optimal weight.

Macros and Labels

As we learn how different foods effect our bodies and give it different information, in this class we discover how to create our individual balance and create a template to meet our goals of health and weight loss. We discuss further what Macro Nutrients are and how they affect our weight loss goals. In addition how we learn how to look at nutrition labels to ensure our food choices match our goals.

The Plate Method

In this class we learn how we are able to create meals at Movara that make us feel so full and satisfied. We discuss how we can active certain receptors to achieve this same result at home! The plate method pulls all of this knowledge together in an easy to understand process that guests can take home and incorporate into every day life.

Nutritional Imbalances

What is my body telling me? In this discussion we learn to pay attention to what is out of balance in our body and how we can support it and re-establish homeostasis with nutrition. This allows us to achieve faster better results with health and weight loss. By learning to pay attention to our body and the symptoms we experience day-to-day, we become our own “expert” on know how to support our heath and vitality and overall function of our body.

Mini Habits: A Small Tool for Big Success

Habits happen - whether by default or by design -- and learning how to form positive habits is a learnable skill. In this talk, you'll learn everything you need to start making measurable change in your eating, exercise, and wellness habits. You'll learn how to use proven methods like "habit stacking," how to break bad habits using "friction," how motivation often follows action (rather than preceding it), how to create tracking systems to keep you accountable, and how shrinking your habits may just be the solution you've been looking for to help you lock in your exercise and eating routines. Habits are the key to your success and this presentation will show you how

The Brain Wellness Connection

Self care is one of the most important things you can do to perform at your best, become physically fit, and kickstart the healing systems of the body. Your brain needs breaks throughout the day just like your body. With our work demands getting faster and faster, brain science has now shown that the key to our most healthy, productive, and happiest selves isn't working harder, it's working smarter. In this presentation, you'll learn why scientists are advising you to take a nap in the afternoon, why you should schedule breaks throughout your day to "recharge" your focus, and how exercise and time in nature can have deep restorative effects on the body and brain. The science of micro-breaks has shown that getting more done isn't about managing time better, but about managing energy better.

The Power of Positive Emotions

Negativity comes naturally but positivity takes work. The brain, for all of its strengths, is often pulled toward the negative. Our brains tend to pay more attention to, believe, and filter in more negative information than positive information -- something scientists call the “negativity bias.” In this talk, you'll learn how to cultivate positivity and learn how positive emotions have a number of physical and mental benefits, including reducing inflammation, lowering stress, and increasing creativity. This talk will help you learn the tools and skills to get in the habit of focusing on the things that went well in your day instead of focusing on the things that didn't.

Building Stress Resilience

This talk will unpack the brain science of stress and give you the tools you need to reduce worry, conquer anxiety, and take actions that will help you manage uncertainty. Chronic stress is directly related to weight gain and puts us at increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, faster aging, and even cancer. Whether you need help to stop your mind racing at night or want to get better at not letting little things upset you, this talk will teach you how to work with your brain rather than against it to unlock a calm, centered, connected new you. Calm can become your new normal, but it takes brain training to get there.

The Movara Way

Just a few sentences that explains what the class is about, maybe mention lecturer and maybe, just maybe.

Fitness Tips

Just a few sentences that explains what the class is about, maybe mention lecturer and maybe, just maybe.

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Meet Our Educators

Jared at the gym room, smiling at the camera.

Jared Jones

Health & Fitness Coach

Jared’s background is in education and exercise science, with a Master’s degree in Human Movement, with an emphasis in movement quality, correcting muscle imbalances, and personal and group exercise training; a background tailor-made for Movara!

Melissa smiling at the camera.

Melissa Gardner


Melissa is a Holistic Nutritionist who takes an evidence-based approach to nutrition and weight management. Her approach allows the body to naturally achieve its ideal weight, while you feel renewed energy and vitality. We do not have to give up the foods we love! It’s all about balance.

Ray wearing shirt, smiling.

Ray Forrester

Life Coach / Therapist

Ray is bridging the gap between mental health and physical health, with a Master’s degree in Social Work and pursuing a second Master’s in Sports Conditioning and Performance! Before Ray became a licensed clinical therapist, he was a professional rugby player, and once powerlifted a combined total of 1745lbs in competition! He knows what he’s talking about.

Img 3561koby

Koby Taylor


A St. George native, Koby received his Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2000. He has managed several successful retail pharmacies and knows exactly how to calibrate the systems in your body through nutrients in order to achieve optimal health, giving you the keys and scientific insight to remove, replace, repair, restore, and rebalance yourself!

Elaine Hartrick

Life Coach

Elaine is not only a world-class lecturer and certified life-coach who has run half-marathons on every continent. Not only a proud Canadian mother of two, and Movara’s General Manager. She’s also been right where you’re sitting, on her own Movara fitness journey, so she absolutely knows what she’s talking about. (Hope you like getting inspired!)

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