Eating Out: Asian Food

I love Thai Food. I am lucky to have a great Thai restaurant in town that we frequent often. Their wait staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about how foods are prepared. They are open to modifications, substitutions or special requests. They also offer brown rice, tofu, sauces on the side, great low calorie soups, etc.

However, Americanized Asian food is probably the least healthy option when eating out. Thick, heavy sauces, high amounts of sodium and low quality protein sources are only some examples. With so many guests asking about eating out each week, I thought I should share this article I found recently:
It highlights each type of Asian cuisine and offers tips on which dishes may be good options and which dishes should be avoided. If you do want to order a heavier meal, don’t be afraid to ask for the sauce on the side and add a smaller amount yourself. Be sure to ask for brown rice and a to-go box to take home half of your meal.
What strategies do you use when eating out? What types of cuisine do you like? If you have a question about a particular dish, I would be happy to look into it!
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD