Eating Late

I have so many guests ask me, “If I eat late at night, am I going to gain weight?” The answer, theoretically, is no. All of you, having been at the spa, know that the most important factor is total calories, not necessarily when they are eaten. If at 9:00 at night I have 300 calories left and I eat those 300 calories, am I going to gain weight? No. However, the issue most people run into with eating late at night is that they have probably already met their calorie limit for the day and are getting “snacky”. Let’s be honest, none of you are craving carrots or celery at 9:00 at night. The foods most people gravitate towards late at night are high in calories. So the issue is really not so much that you are eating late but what you are eating late.

The bigger issue is making sure you are eating consistently throughout the day so you don’t arrive home late at night ravenous for food. When people are trying to lose weight, they tend to have a small breakfast (if any at all), a skimpy lunch and then they set themselves up to be ravenous for dinner. You are much better off having your largest meal of the day be breakfast or lunch rather than dinner. I think you will notice a difference in energy levels (higher), satisfaction (higher) and cravings (lower).
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD