Eating at the Mall

As the holiday season approaches, a lot of time can be spent in malls and shopping centers gift shopping for family and friends. You may find yourself shopping during meal times, when the thought or smell of the food court attracts your attention. In general, eating establishments in malls or shopping centers tend to serve foods that are higher in calories, fat, sugar, and/or sodium. The good news is that there are some decent options out there for those of us who find ourselves shopping during a meal time and need to grab a quick dinner.

I recently came across this article on eating healthy at the mall (click the link). The article discusses Health Magazine’s top 10 picks for healthy options at chain restaurants found in malls. The options include dishes from restaurants like P.F. Chang’s, Starbucks, Panda Express, McDonald’s and TCBY. The article lists the food item along with the calories.
So if you know you’re going to be doing some shopping and will need to grab dinner at the mall, this article can be pretty helpful in choosing a healthier option.
Rachel Cope MPH, RD, CD