Easter Brunch and Mother’s Day

Just around the corner are two big brunch days for many people, Easter and Mother’s Day. I know for me, coming from a history of binge eating, brunch buffets can be quite scary and full of temptation. Here are some tricks to help keep your brunch calories from going over your full days worth, plus some yummy looking Spring recipes to help you celebrate both days!


* Make sure you don’t get to brunch starving! Start your morning off like any other day, with a nice and balanced plate full of lean protein, whole grains and fruits/vegetables. This way by the time you get to brunch you have already had something to fill you up a bit so you can make healthy choices at the table.

* Look for the water! It is easy to overindulge on calories through drinking them, and brunches are generally jam-packed with sodas, juices and mimosas that add up quickly. If water sounds boring, try grabbing a zero calorie iced green tea from Starbucks or Coffee Bean (the strawberry green tea is delicious) on your way to brunch and sip on that once at the celebration. Just remember to have some water to stay hydrated since thirst can commonly be mistaken for hunger.

* Portion control! When you get to the brunch table look for the smallest plate option, like an appetizer plate, this way you can still go back for seconds while keeping your portions controlled.

* Watch out for added salt, butter and oils in the creams and dressings! Look for options that are the least dressed – like steamed vegetables, grilled proteins, fruit salads, mixed greens – then add some of the dressings, etc. on the side to save yourself a few hundred calories on each item!

*** If you can, host the celebration at your house (then all the food planning is on your turf and in your control). If that is not an option, just be sure that you bring a ‘safety dish’, one you can rely on to be within a controlled calorie budget and not loaded with creams since you made it! Below are some recipe ideas that are sure to be safety dish crowd-pleasers.

– Bring a platter of sugar snap peas, Ak-mak whole wheat crackers, carrot slices, bell peppers and whole wheat pita wedges with Laughing Cow cheese wedges unwrapped in the center of platter.
– Large fruit salad bowl sprinkled with stevia and unsweetened cocoa powder
– Mini greek yogurt parfaits ( use clear glass containers and layer with greek yogurt, berries, oats and a drizzle of honey)

Herb and Onion Fritatta (from EatingWell), click on link
Egg and Salmon Breakfast Sandwiches, click on link

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy almost Mother’s Day to all the moms reading!
Jessica Hummel, Nutrition Counselor