Did Someone Say CHOCOLATE?

altYes, it’s true, even at the resort we love chocolate! I have learned to love dark chocolate, which I used to never choose before I went on The Biggest Loser. The favorite dessert at Movara has quickly become chocolate covered strawberries! We don’t serve them every day, but we do have them for dessert once a week. Something that I love about the resort is that the dietitians don’t promote cutting everything that you love out of your diet in order to be healthy. They teach choosing healthier alternatives and moderation. I am so grateful for this program because I don’t want to give up chocolate all together, and I’ve learned that I don’t have to! A small amount of dark chocolate is a great little treat at the end of a deliciously healthy meal!


Each guest gets two chocolate covered strawberries, and it is just enough to hit the spot! But there is always at least one person that will try and bribe one of the servers into giving them an extra strawberry. =) It never works; our kitchen staff knows better and is far too awesome to fall for anything.

Next time you are hit with a chocolate craving, make a good choice! Two large chocolate covered strawberries (covered in Hershey’s dark chocolate) is 91 calories. Just make sure you limit yourself to two. Your chocolate craving will be satisfied and your pants will still fit!