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David – My Story

In January of this year, I set out on a  multi-month journey to lose 40 pounds and visit the Best Health Spa’s in America. A new spa every 2-4 weeks, that was the initial thought process, the first was Movara, and after being there a short time, I realized I didn’t need to go anywhere else.  That said, and for my curiosity I did try one other spa for a couple weeks, and realized in short order, I needed to get back to Movara and that was the right place, the right choice at the right time for me. And what a journey, my cholesterol had been high for over 25 years, and within the first 3 months, with 0 medication…well, all cholesterol, triglycerides and all other vitals went to normal, in fact, I am 56 and the Doctors tell me I am like a 14-year-old inside.  In addition, I lost the 40 pounds and feel better than ever.

Huge thanks to the entire team at Movara.