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David K – My Story

I came to Movara for three weeks in the early summer of 2018. I was very overweight, had Type II diabetes with poor control of my blood sugar, and had not exercised for a long time. I needed a program to help me start a new way of life; one that would combine the right food, exercise, and mindset. After looking carefully, I chose Movara, and I am very pleased with my choice.

In three weeks, I lost eighteen pounds, including ten pounds of body fat, but most significantly my fasting blood sugar numbers were in the 60s and 70s, and have remained so in the week following my return home. They have never been this low since my diagnosis some ten years ago. Clearly my experience was a personal one, nevertheless, it speaks to the care and effort that goes into the nutrition and meal planning (thanks Chef Chris!), the exercise program, and the daily routine at Movara.

A highlight of the program for me was the daily hikes in the mountains and canyons of southern Utah. I had never been hiking before and would never have imagined the hikes I completed by the end of the three weeks.

All of the staff at Movara made the resort feel like a second home; the front-desk staff, the dining-hall staff, the fitness instructors, and the hiking leaders were all terrific – without exception. They established a supportive atmosphere within which to work (and it was hard work), to push myself physically and mentally (especially on the hikes), and to eat right (and not have an extra slice of toast at breakfast).

And finally, there was the camaraderie of the guests at Movara. We all brought different life experiences, and together fostered a supportive environment, at meals, on hikes, in the gym, and around the pool. Finally, after a week back home in Michigan, I am applying what I learned at Movara, a day at a time, on a journey to a more healthy and happy life.  I am already planning a return trip to Movara in the winter – I can’t wait!

David K. (aged 54, Michigan)