Investing in the health of your employees can greatly benefit your company. Not only do you improve your company’s reputation, but having a wellness plan boosts morale and can even save money. Here are just some of the benefits that companies and employees experienced after sending their employees to Movara:

  • Increase in Moral
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer sick days
  • A healthy and active culture formed in the workplace
  • Witnessed a rise in their employees’ confidence
  • Improved insurance premiums and benefits

Many companies send their employees to us and have benefited greatly from our successful 3-point system of fitness, nutrition, and education. Our program changes lives and empowers individuals to take charge of their health and well-being.

Of all of the ways to improve or add to your corporate wellness plan, at Movara we believe our structured program is the most effective way to inspire lasting change. Here are some of the results our guests have experienced:

  • 93% of our guests were happy with their results after their stay
  • 94% experienced healthy weight loss
  • Guests with diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity consistently experienced an improvement in their overall health

We are excited to offer a business health plan designed with group needs in mind, that will be a great addition to existing wellness programs or employee benefit plans. How healthy is your business? It can only be as healthy as the people who contribute to it.

Ask about our sponsorship program. Do you have an employee who has shown a great commitment to their well being and has earned points or recognition for those efforts? Or someone who needs that jumpstart to get them on that path to a healthy lifestyle? We would love to learn about  them in consideration for a sponsorship for our one-week (Sun.-Sun.) program.

Ask about our Wellness Program Director complimentary visit. We would love for you to come out and experience first-hand what a great benefit this can be for your company!

We have many great success stories and have met so many truly inspiring individuals. We want you to be our next great success!

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