Convenient Real Food

My food philosophy in a nut shell is “If it’s real, you can eat it. If it’s stuff, stay away from it.” I have said this over and over in my lectures and also here on the blog. I also realize that people need convenience, and often convenient foods win out over healthy foods. For that reason, I am constantly on the look out for brands and products that are quick, easy, affordable AND healthy. I enjoyed reading this article and thought it would be good to post here as a reference for packaged, healthy items:  10 New Diet Friendly Products on Store Shelves

I agree with her findings, and all can be great options as long as you watch portion sizes and pair the crackers and chips with proteins (cheese, hummus, peanut butter – for more staying power as she suggests).
I would also like to add some other brands to the list:
Justin’s Nut Butter 100 calorie packs (a much better option than the Nutella listed in the article above!)
Back to Nature Multi-seed Gluten Free Rice Thins (a cheaper option than the Mary’s Gone Crackers listed in the above article).
Between this list, my top ten on the go meals and snacks, and Jessica’s new snack finds, you should be set with delicious, healthy and quick options!
Did I miss some? What new items have you found at the store that are quick AND healthy?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD