Coconut & Vanilla Bean Sorbet

Serves: 4
Serving Size: ½ cup or 2 ¼ cups scoops
2 cups light coconut milk
1 vanilla bean
½ cup dehydrated cane sugar
¼ cup fresh berries
4 sprigs of fresh mint
With a knife split the vanilla bean in half, long ways. With the back of the knife carefully scrape out the vanilla bean. Make sure to scrape out all the vanilla and discard the pod. In a blender, add all ingredients except the berries or mint. Blend mixture on low until cane sugar has dissolved. Add mixture to a shallow pan, preferably metal. The shallower the mixture is, the quicker it will freeze. Place pan in freezer. After one hour pull the pan from the freezer and stir it to keep it from freezing into a solid cube. Do this every hour for 4-5 hours until mixture is consistently frozen and flakey. Before serving, set frozen sorbet on counter for 5 minutes. Scrape sorbet with ice cream scoop, and serve in bowls or martini glasses. Garnish the 4 servings with equal parts of berries, and a sprig of mint.
Per serving: 110 calories, 4 grams fat, 2 grams protein, 5 grams carbohydrates, 4