Cliff’s 10 Minute Full-Body Workout

There are some days that you can’t fit in time to drive all the way to the gym or the weather is so bad, you just want to stay inside. Well, here is the perfect workout for you! This is a full-body workout that only takes ten minutes, but we definitely suggest that you try doing all of these more than once!


Do each of these for just 60 seconds each. Remember to modify if needed!


1. Prisoner Squats. With your hands above the head, keeping feet shoulder-width apart, squat down into a sitting position.



2. Lunges. Take a big step and lunge down by lowering the body. Do this for 60 seconds on each leg, or one



3. Y-T-A Abs. While laying down on the floor, mimic a “Superman” workout by lifting your legs and upper body off the floor, make a ‘Y’ with your arms, and then a ‘T’ and an ‘A’. Hold each position for just a second before moving on to the next.



 4. Pushups. Just that! Be sure to watch that booty! You can modify by going to the knees or against the wall.



5. Tricep Lifts. Feel that burn! use a chair or couch to to tri-cep lifts. Bend the elbows, moving your body down toward the floor.



6. Plank. You can change it up by doing a side-plank next round!



 7. Burpees. Everyone’s favorite! Don’t forget that you can modify by putting your hands on the couch and bringing your legs in (working your abs) but not having to go all the way to the floor.



8. Leg Lifts. On your back, lift your legs up, and back down to only a few inches off the ground. Have some fun with this by spelling your name or writing the letters of the alphabet with your legs!  



9. Sit-ups. You can modify to a crunch if need be!



Have twice the fun-no, TRIPLE the fun and do this 2 or 3 times!