Circuit, Movara Style!

We all have our favorite forms of exercise and our favorite classes here at Movara. Mine happens to be circuit, and it’s probably because when I started on The Biggest Loser I trained with Brett Hoebel and one of his favorite ways to train us was circuit style.

We worked out in a barn and he made our circuit out of whatever he could find, so I really love the circuit class at Movara because we have actual equipment to use! How the circuit class is set up can seem confusing, but is actually quite simple to follow. Each machine is labeled with a number on it. When the class starts each person will choose a cardio machine to warm up on. After the warm up everyone will do two minutes on that machine, giving it as much as they can. After the two minutes, they will move to the machine

that is labeled one number higher than their previous machine, which will be a weight machine. They will do 45 seconds on that machine, rest for 30 seconds, and do another 45 seconds. Immediately after they will rush to the following numbered machine, which will be cardio, and they will continue this pattern for the remainder of the class. For example, if the machine I started on was #1, this treadmill would be my machine.


After my two minute sprint I would move to my next machine #2, which would be this bad boy to work my shoulders and back.

I would then move to #3, which is going to be a cardio machine like this elliptical:

And so on and so forth. I love this class because I may not be a great long distance runner, but in my mind I can do anything for two minutes! So I find it easier for me to push myself really hard for two minutes knowing that I will get a few second break as I rush to my next machine. I end up getting a really great workout in this class and I think I also love it so much because I seem to always find hidden strength during the hardest part of the cardio intervals and I leave the class feeling stronger and better about myself.

What more could you ask for in a workout