Calories & Nutrition

Movara – DAY 3

Traditionally I would be out on the morning hike right now, but for whatever reason my blister is ignoring all treatment and continuing its growth pattern. So I decided to blog about yesterday.

Yesterday the soreness in my muscles had nearly subsided, so I decided to push myself to new limits. I did the morning hike, at least 3 miles of it, and burned over 800 calories. I was really looking forward to the afternoon classes — circuit training and kickboxing.

Circuit Training is 30 different stations of cardio and weight machines (treadmills, ellipticals, bench press, leg press, etc). They give you two minutes on each machine to go as hard as you possibly can to get your heart rate up. I love this class and hate it at the same time…it is non-stop and Sharon, the instructor, really pushes you to your limits. I burned 1400 calories in this class. Kickboxing is great for anger management — all that punching that I wanted to do in previous days came in handy during this class. These two classes brought about new soreness that I am now popping Advil for…but it is a good sore, right?

In the evenings we have lectures from different specialists on a variety of topics. Last night the Movara resident nutritionist Emily Fonnesbeck, gave us some great information on portion sizes and how to spend our calories wisely. Emily really knows her stuff and the lecture was enlightening. I didn’t realize how many calories I consumed each day before arriving here!

Well, I am off to ride a bike or something….gotta burn some more calories!