Boys Dancing!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! We LOVE Fridays at Movara. There seems to be a little more pep in everyone’s step because they are so close to having completed an entire week of the program. Everyone seems to be pushing themselves extra hard and making sure that they squeeze every little last bit out of the program. One of the greatest things about the program is graduation on Friday night. I’ll share more about what normally happens at graduation in another post, but today I have a special treat to share!

Last week the boys of the week put together something to perform at graduation and it was AWESOME!!! The crowd went wild for these dancing boys. Take a look!


How cool is that? This was so much fun to watch and we love the effort that they all put into learning the Haka. What’s that? You want to actually see their efforts? Well you are in luck because their practice was too cute not to film, so I put together a little video of them practicing. Watch how dedicated they are to learning it. These guys are great!

A special thanks to Sione for being behind this amazing graduation surprise. Can’t wait for tonight’s graduation! Although we may not see the Haka performed every week, it is always an awesome experience!