Book List

Many guests are interested in resources for various topics. They often request a recommendation for a good book. Here are some of my favorites!


Volume Eaters: Volumetrics
For Parents: Ellyn Satter
Sports Nutrition: Nancy Clark’s Guidebooks
Body Building: Power Eating
Pregnancy: Expect the Best
Behavior Change: Intuitive Eating
Food Ethics: Michael Pollan
For Teenagers: The Teen Machine
Basic Nutrition Guidebook (through the lifespan): Complete Food and Nutrition Guide
For Vegetarians: Becoming Vegetarian
For Vegans: Becoming Vegan
And since it is January, you have probably noticed a huge display of diet books as soon as you enter the bookstore. While some of those may be helpful, others are written by individuals with no nutrition background or credentials. On the American Dietetic Association website, you can find Consumer Diet and Lifestyle Book Reviews (click on the link). There dietitians in the field have reviewed popular diet books and evaluated the information found there. This will be helpful in finding one that has sound nutrition recommendations.
What have I missed? Have you found others helpful? Have you read any on my list?
Emily Fonnesbeck RD,CD