“Biggest Loser” At-Home Winner is Coming to Movara

I think we would all agree that season 11 of The Biggest Loser was one of the greatest seasons, right? Okay fine, maybe I am a little biased. But as a contestant on season 11 I have to say that our cast was full of wonderful, hard-working people, and when it came down to who was going to be the most successful at home and come back to win the $100,000 prize, no one knew. Everyone had their predictions of who would win but I don’t think anyone even expected 60-year old Deni Hill to be in the running. She was like the black horse that came in and shocked everyone, viewers included!

Deni started on The Biggest Loser weighing 256 pounds. She is a mother of eight children and haf never put herself first or made her health a priority. Unfortunately a lot of mothers do this and poor eating habits seep into their families. After 37 years of raising children and with her eighth child sent off to college, she decided to finally make a change. Was it hard? Absolutely! Did it hurt? Every day. Watching my own mother be in that much pain was so hard, but watching her fight every single day and come out on top has taught me more than I can say. I am so proud of this incredibly beautiful woman. Take a look at our highlights from “Biggest Loser” Season 11.

Now almost a year post finale Deni is coming to the resort to get another kick in the butt! She will be joining us tomorrow at will be at our Utah resort for the whole week.

“Staying on track is difficult for any of us that have ever struggled with weight, and although I do better now than I ever have before, I still need a little help and a boost from time to time and that’s when I come to Fitness Ridge.”

We are so excited to have Deni with us this week. Of course I’m excited because she’s my mom, but the guests are equally excited to get to enjoy her wonderful spirit and learn from her incredible successes. Welcome, Deni!

Until next time,

Sarah Nitta