Better Options at Starbucks

This week during our calorie challenge at the Resort in Ivins, we looked at the calories in drinks and food items at Starbucks. As part of this challenge, we talked about better options at this coffee shop. Many of the guests were interested in having a copy of the better options, so I promised to put the information on our blog.

In a blog post I wrote earlier this year, I talked about ‘Better Options at the Coffee Shop.’ (click the link). This information is more general for all coffee shops.
When it comes to caffeinated drinks, we want to try and limit our intake of caffeine to what is considered moderate. Moderate would be less than 300 mg of caffeine per day. Emily has written two very good blog posts concerning the effects of caffeine and general recommendations for caffeine intake. Here are links to those blog posts:
Just so you are aware, there is approximately 75 mg of caffeine in one shot of espresso. At Starbucks, most of their Tall sized coffee drinks (the smallest size) have one shot of espresso. Their Grande (medium) sized coffee drinks have 2 shots of espresso, and some of the Venti drinks (large size) have 2 shots, while others have 3 shots of espresso.
Here is a list of better options at Starbucks:
  • Brewed coffee (5 calories)
  • Tall Nonfat Latte (100 calories)
  • Tall Nonfat Hot Chocolate, no whipped cream (190 calories)
  • Tall Nonfat Cappuccino (60 calories)
  • Tall Nonfat Mocha, no whipped cream (170 calories)
  • Perfect Oatmeal, plain (140 calories)
  • Spinach, Roasted Tomato, Feta & Egg White Wrap (280 calories)
  • Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon, Egg White, Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich (340 calories)
  • Fruit Cup (90 calories)
  • Greek Yogurt & Honey Parfait (290 calories)
  • Farmer’s Market Salad (230 calories)
Please note that these calories are subject to change. Check the Starbucks website for updated calorie information.
Rachel Andrew MPH, RD, CD