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Back to School Fitness for Kids

The kids are back in school, and because their days are becoming more structured, it is the perfect time to incorporate some exercise into your children’s schedule.

Staying active is especially important for growing kids because it keeps their bones and muscles strong, relieves stress, and improves mental health. Whether your children are already athletic or prefer to stay indoors, this quick list has some tools that will get your kids excited about exercise.

WOD Toys Barbell Mini

This kid safe mini barbell  by WOD Toys let’s your children squat and deadlift right alongside you. While it is a toy and encourages playful fitness participation, the barbell weighs 2.2 pounds and helps kids build their strength. The barbell includes four mini bumper plates and two mini collars and can be taken apart for easy transportation (it’s only three feet long). There’s no need to stay cooped up in the house with this weight.

Sivan Health and Fitness Kids Yoga Mat

If your kids are already taking classes at the gym or enrolled in dance or gymnastics, send them with a Sivan Health and Fitness Kids Yoga Mat that’s their size. This mat is made of ultra-thick memory foam that protects ankles and knees and has a non-slip surface that grips the floor, which is good because kids don’t always have the best balance. Pairing them with an already slippery yoga mat doesn’t usually end well. They also won’t struggle to keep the mat rolled up after class because it comes with integrated straps for fast and simple carrying. You might even find them using it at home!

Fitdeck Kids Exercise Playing Cards

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids active? The  Fitdeck Kids Exercise Playing Cards keeps kids moving with multiple kid-friendly exercises. No extra equipment is needed, so the game is great for indoor parties, outdoor afternoons at the park, or even long road trips. This set includes 50 unique playing cards and an activity booklet full of different card game ideas. This is one healthy card game the whole family can enjoy!

Fitness/Activity Tracker

The 007 Plus Fitness Tracker will allow your kids to physically see the progress they’ve made each day, and it’s a great opportunity for you to keep an eye on how much they’re moving. Along with reading your child’s heartrate, this tracker is water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them spilling something on it during school lunch or washing their hands a little too sloppily. This band does require internet and Bluetooth and will need to be charged every few days, but it is easy for kids to wear and will keep them excited to seeing what they can do.