Avoiding Knee Injury

Every week we ask our guests about any injuries or physical concerns, and we often hear guests say “I have bad knees” or they end up having knee issues later in the week. The knees actually hold about 80% of our body weight, so we can definitely see why so many injuries occur. We have put together these trainer tips primarily for those of you who have or have had knee injuries or knee pain; although, it is wise for everyone to keep these in mind to avoid knee related injuries.

1. Strengthen the Legs.

While we can’t actually strengthen the knee joint, we can strengthen the muscles around it, this can help greatly with stability and support for the joint. So, when they say “don’t skip leg day”, don’t skip leg day! Strong quads, hamstrings, hips, glutes and calves will help support the knees. Some leg exercises to help with these are squats, leg extensions and many others.

2. Modify

We love to modify here at Movara! Just remember, if it hurts, don’t do it! Of course, there is some pain involved in getting a good workout, but if it is causing a lot of joint pain, adjust or modify the exercise! Don’t worry too much about getting a full range of motion. Really focus on doing as much of the exercise as you can without straining the joint. One example of modified workout to ease knee pain is a sumo squat. This is just like a normal squat, but with the toes turned out and knees bend over the toes.

3. Wear Good Shoes

Another great tip for avoiding knee injury is by wearing good shoes that are not only right for you, but ones that still have lots of support and are in good condition. This will help support the joint and minimize pain.

4. Stretch and Foam Roll

Stretching and foam rolling helps decrease the risk of injury by helping with soreness and flexibility. Tight muscles or muscular imbalance can pull joints out of alignment and may cause severe injury. Also, the body will try to compensate for muscular imbalance which will cause further stress on ankles, knees and hips. Relieving soreness by stretching and foam rolling can be very helpful for this!

5. Braces and Taping

Sometimes the ligaments around the knee need support, and many turn to braces or taping for this. There really isn’t a brand that we recommend over others, it is really about finding what works for you.

6. Weight Machines vs. Free weights

One great thing about using weight machines vs. free weights is that the weight machines offer stability and support for the rest of the body while strengthening one specific muscle group. If you are finding that your knees have been feeling a little strained when you go to the gym, try a weight machine next time.

7. Avoid Downhill

As many of you probably already know, a really good way to avoid a knee injury is to avoid going downhill. This is one of the many reasons why we love our Stop Sign and West Canyon Hiking options, these trails have a much less dramatic incline and decline for when those knees are feeling strained!

For more tips on how to avoid knee injuries or for more knee-friendly workouts, be sure to check out our blog or contact our trainers at info@movara.com.